RENSHINKAN WEST SUSSEX – the heart of traditional karate

Classes are run every Tuesday and Saturday

–       Midhurst Dojo – Midhurst Rother College dance studio Tuesdays 5.30-7pm Children age 7-12 years. 7-8.30pm Teens and adults

–       Wisborough Green Dojo – Wisborough Green village Hall, Saturdays 9.30-11am from age 7-adult

All classes led by Martin Sensei, International Karateka with many years of training excellence.

The West Sussex branch is a member of Renshinkan England, which was first established in 1985.

Excellence drives us forward.

Experience that’s second to none.

Care, compassion and sensitivity is at the core of our teaching.

Discipline is our ethos, delivering confidence, self-awareness, and a safe and friendly environment in which to practice.


KIHON – The performance of basic kicks, punches and blocking techniques

KATA – Memorising and performing pre-arranged forms

KUMITE – Free sparring practice. Only practiced once control of basic techniques has been achieved.

Open to everyone aged 7 and above whatever your fitness level
Don't be shy - we are very friendly and welcoming